Cancer Stem Cells

Thanks to this powerful NATURAL compound that’s been shown to:

ü  HALT cancer growth

ü  STOP it from spreading, and

ü  PREVENT it from coming back!

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Cancer, as a whole, has outsmarted just about every drug and therapy thrown at it.
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And, we’re not just talking about mild drugs either…

Chemo is an extremely toxic poison, and radiation is so powerful, it’s a key ingredient in nuclear bombs!

But cancer keeps finding ways to revive itself… mutate… and spread.

Even if you beat it the first time around, there’s a chance it will make a reappearance at some point in your life.

Worse, a patient may respond well to treatment for weeks or months, and then suddenly, the treatment stops working, or the tumour begins to grow again.

But finally, now all of that could change…

Recently, researchers at the University of Michigan made a ground-breaking discovery…

They observed that cancer cells have a certain hierarchy.

Similar to a bee colony. There’s the worker bees, and then there’s the queen bee, whose sole responsibility is to ensure the survival of the colony by laying eggs.

So it is with cancer...

There’s the hundreds of thousands of normal cancer cells, and then nestled deep inside a tumour, is at least one cancer stem cell

And these cancer stem cells are the masterminds behind the stubborn resistance against treatments.

Like the queen bee, these cancer stem cells’ sole responsibility is to ensure the survival of their colony by mutating and evolving.

They’re dangerous and they have to be disarmed if there’s any hope of beating cancer…

Until now…

·         Chemotherapy and radiation have been unsuccessful in disarming these dominant cancer cells…

·        In fact, these therapies have actually been shown to promote these monster cells in secondary cancers…

·        Genomic tests and pathology exams may not detect these cancer stem cells… 

And that’s why the discovery I’m about to share with you is so important…

Scientists have discovered a Natural Compound that’s been shown to DESTROY these cancer stem cells…

In a major study, published in the journal Anticancer Research, scientists identified EIGHT different ways in which this natural compound destroys cancer, including:

·         Inhibiting COX-2, an enzyme that causes chronic inflammation, which can lead to cancer.

·         Impeding the formation of new blood vessels near cancer cells – which causes the cancer cells to starve to death.

·         Inducing a tumour suppressing gene that deactivates cancer stem cells.

·         Improving communication between healthy cells, allowing them to recognise cancer cells as threats.

·         Disrupting the communication between cancer stem cells and other cancer cells.

·         Stopping cancer from spreading in the body.

·         And, preventing the regrowth of cancer stem cells.

There are hundreds more studies like this one that show just how powerful this Natural Compound really is against cancer stem cells. In fact, there are over 1,500 citations in the US National Library of Medicine's bibliographic database, that prove its significant anti-cancer activity. 

…And these studies are not confined to the petri-dish or lab mice. There have already been a number of human trials, too.

Now, there’s finally new hope against cancer…

The more scientists study it, the more they discover its pure brilliance…

Like how, unlike chemo and radiation, it SELECTIVELY targets cancer stem cells, leaving healthy human cells unharmed.

… How it OUTPERFORMS traditional cancer treatments. And, when doctors use it in conjunction with chemo, it amplifies the effects of the drug.  

And, it’s NOT TOXIC to normal human cells!

The list of cancers this Natural compound is proving effective against is growing:

But there’s one more exciting detail you should know…

This Natural compound isn’t some rare plant specifies that you have to travel the world in search of.

It’s a common compound extracted from turmeric, called curcumin!

This ancient herb has been used for centuries in India to spice up dishes and give them that warm yellow colour.

And while the prevalence of cancer is much lower in India (up to 23 times less for certain cancers), scientists cannot attribute this to the fact that Indians have the highest consumption of this herb in the world.

What they do know is that the active compound in turmeric, called curcumin, which has been studied for its anti-cancer properties, is not well absorbed by the body…

The challenge of getting curcumin into cancer stem cells…

In a study out of the UK, researchers looked at how curcumin is absorbed from the gut into liver cells. They looked into how much curcumin was in cancer cells and normal cells of patients with bowel cancer that had spread to the liver. The patients took curcumin for seven days before they were operated. 

During surgery, the doctors took some liver tissue for analysis. The results showed that the amount of curcumin absorbed into the liver tissue was not enough to fight cancer.

Other studies show that curcumin taken in capsule form does get absorbed into the blood, but again, levels are too low for it to have any anti-cancer effect. 

So, what good is this amazing breakthrough if your body can’t absorb it?

Thankfully, that’s where FSPNutritionals’ Bio-Curcumin comes in…

More on that in a moment, but first…

My name is Antoinette Pombo. I have worked with brilliant minds, like Dr Golding, for more than 15 years, as a health researcher and publisher.

You may remember Dr Golding from TV, radio, or perhaps you’re a member of Natural Health Dossier, or have read one of his health books or numerous reports, or even been to his consulting rooms in Johannesburg…

FSPNutritionals’ Bio-Curcumin is just one of his life-protecting formulas which he has agreed to make available to you through FSPNutritionals

And, thankfully he has because…

Getting the powerful cancer-fighting extracts found in curcumin into the cancer cells where they’re desperately needed isn’t as easy as you may think…

How to get the best protection against cancer with curcumin…

A study by St John's Medical College in India showed that piperine, a pepper extract, increases the bioavailability of curcumin by 2,000%. This is why FSPNutritionals’ Bio-Curcumin combines standardised 95% curcumin with piperine.

But that’s not all.

Because curcumin is fat soluble, Dr Golding added a phospholipid into the formula too, to strengthen its bioavailability even further.  

In a study by the University Health Sciences Centre in Louisiana, researchers found that a curcumin-phospholipid complex was able to maintain an effective concentration of curcumin for a longer time in rat serum, and protected the liver against damage.

So, let’s recap what curcumin could do for you…

·        It’s a powerful anti-oxidant which can neutralise cancer-causing free radicals – and boosts the body’s antioxidant enzymes.

·        It reduces cancer-causing chronic inflammation in the body. In fact, curcumin is such a potent anti-inflammatory that it matches the effectiveness of some anti-inflammatory drugs!

·        Helps ‘de-activate’ chemo-resistant cancer stem cells – reducing them to normal cancer cells that are easier to target and kill.

·        Stops cancer growth in its tracks.

·        Helps prevent cancer from spreading.

·        Boosts the immune system’s cancer-fighting ability.

·        Increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

·        And, derails a number of cancer-causing pathways which help prevent the reoccurrence of cancer as well as secondary cancers.

PLUS, curcumin has ALSO been shown to:

·         Reduce joint pain and stiffness because it’s such a powerful anti-inflammatory,

·         Improve auto-immune conditions,

·         Reduce cholesterol levels and protect the heart against damage,

·         And, protect the brain from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia…

All this from a humble natural compound, in the exact right form your body can use it in!

Order your supply of FSPNutritionals’ Bio-Curcumin today

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To a healthier and happier you... 


Antoinette Pombo


P.S. Even though curcuminoids have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as “Generally Recognised As Safe” (GRAS), and good tolerability and safety profiles have been shown by clinical trials, even at high doses it is best to check with your doctor if you’re on other medication, as piperine enhances the potency of a number of drugs as well as curcumin, so you may need to reduce the dosage you’re taking, under the guidance of your doctor.

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